Welcome to Kelly Creek Nursery

P4140325Kelly Creek Nursery is located just fifteen minutes outside of Dothan and offers a full array of flowers, plants, shrubs and much more! Whether you are a complete beginner to gardening and planting or have a green thumb, we carry what you need.

Take a stroll into our gardens and ponds and see for yourself why Kelly Creek Nursery is the place to be! Meet our friendly and experienced nursery staff and gain powerful knowledge that can transform your garden and landscape.

Do you need help on how to make your yard a landscaped masterpiece? We have the expertise and products you need to plant the garden of your dreams! We also carry many landscaping supplies you will need when starting and maintaining your wonderful garden.

P4140291Kelly Creek Nursery also has koi pond exhibits. Get tips and products to start your own koi pond and how to incorporate one into a beautiful yard design.


Harley, our little helper, will guide you, as you cruise through our selection. Come by today and experience a wonderful and enriching time of relaxation and fun!